Bitdefender has recently released an update that improves your privacy protection.

Die neueste Version von Bitdefender now offers “Anti-Tracker”, a browser extension that lets you know what information websites collect about you.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as anonymity on the web.

You leave a digital footprint every time you visit a website. With every click, data about you and your online habits is collected and stored’.
Examples: A search on the topic of ‘fitness’ is enough for you to be offered a membership for a fitness club at every corner of the internet. Have you ever wondered why the car ad you clicked on suddenly appears everywhere? Or why the airline tickets are suddenly more expensive after a quick glance at them?
Anti-Tracker helps you!

Once activated, Anti-Tracker displays a list of trackers embedded in the pages you visit. Even better: with its help, you can then switch off these trackers and continue surfing without leaving traces everywhere. The extension is initially available for Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

If you haven’t received the update yet, don’t worry: it won’t be long now. What’s more, it is completely free of charge for you.