• Adobe InDesign CC

Adobe InDesign CC – The Beginner’s Seminar

Beginner’s guide for Adobe’s InDesign CC

InDesign CC is Adobe’s comfortable layout and design software. Whether you want to create a flyer, a letterhead, a club magazine or an entire book: InDesign has all the necessary features.
The Beginner’s seminar provides a practical introduction to dealing with Adobe InDesign. It is particularly aimed at beginners in the subject sentence and desktop publishing. Step by step you will be introduced to the workings and functionality of InDesign, so that after reading the book you will be able to create convincing publications with InDesign.

 From the content:

Creating New Pattern Templates
Text: Capturing, Pasting, Editing, Reviewing and Designing
Formatting character and paragraph
Working with Text Blocks and Graphics
Creating your own graphics
Working with objects
Handling style sheets, tables, layers, object libraries, and PDF files