With a global network of 500 million computers, Bitdefender has the world’s most comprehensive infrastructure for delivering security services. With around 11 billion daily security requests, Bitdefender can detect, anticipate and neutralize previously unknown threats worldwide in just 3 seconds. With its power of innovation, Bitdefender has already earned the trust of families and businesses in more than 150 countries and a variety of awards.

ReddFort Software GmbH is a partner for companies in all matters relating to IT security. ReddFort’s experts use unique, patented technology to provide active and comprehensive protection of mission-critical data and applications. With the ReddFort Protection Software, the company offers innovative solutions that protect both security-critical applications and database servers from outside attacks.

Founded in 2004, EaseUS is a world-leading software company for data recovery, partition management and data protection. The company is concerned with data security and optimized user experiences. Through decades of development and experience, EaseUS products provide optimum stability. Running on millions of computers, workstations and servers, the products provide easy and simple protection for the lives of individuals and businesses.

Since its foundation in 2004 movavi has grown from a small group led start-up to an international company with more than 300 employees. The ever-growing product range is sold in over 150 countries. movavi offers a wide variety of multimedia programs that inspire people to edit, enhance and share video and photo content.

Wise Cleaner was founded in 2005. With hundreds of millions of downloads and worldwide distribution, WiseCleaner is a leading provider of system utilities for Windows computers. The programs support more than twenty languages, including English, German, Japanese, French, Italian, Dutch and Spanish, just to name a few.

Kdan Mobile was founded in 2009 with the mission to promote and enhance creativity through digital content creation solutions. As one of the leading providers in this field, Kdan Mobile provides the tools users need to build their own work and the platforms where ideas can be shared.

Leangoo is a Kanban-based project collaboration tool. With Leangoo, you can visually manage project requirements, tasks, issues, and documentation and work in teams to track progress anytime, anywhere. The Leangoo tool is based on advanced agile management ideas, backed by a number of industry-leading agile management consultants, and is created by a professional agile development team that perfectly supports Scrum’s agile development and Kanban methods.