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Kdan DottedSign

With DottedSign you are a pioneer in electronic signatures on mobile devices.

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  • Subscription für 12 Monate mit monatlicher Rechnung über 9,99 EUR

Professional (1 User)

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  • Subscription for 12 months with annual invoice for 59,94 EUR

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With DottedSign you are a pioneer in electronic signatures on mobile devices.

Effortlessly sign documents and get signatures from others in a legal and secure process. Stop wasting time emailing signers, printing copies and faxing documents. Use DottedSign to complete your work, including NDAs, sales contracts, leases, permission slips, financial agreements, W9 forms and more. Simply import your document, sign it or request signatures from other people involved and send the signed documents. Simplify work processes today.



  • Visual progress bar – Monitor signature tasks by intuitively checking the status of all signers.
  • Timeline of personal activities – View and record activities of all your personal tasks
  • Invalid signature requests – cancel signature tasks with one tap.
  • Search tool – Find your documents easily by searching for names of people or documents.
  • Custom Message – Leave messages for all recipients.
  • Automatic Reminder and Expiry Date Setting – Automatically send reminders to notify anyone who has not yet signed documents.
  • Change signer – Replace one signer of a sent document with another. The signatory can send change requests to the sender


  • Invite multiple signatories by adding them directly from your contact list or by entering their email addresses.
  • Remote Signature – Assign fields to signers in a specified order, including signatures, texts and dates.
  • Guest signature – signers log in face-to-face on your device.
  • Send documents to multiple signatories at the same time.
  • Show your signatories where to sign at a glance.


  • Get documents from cameras, photos, the iOS file app, email attachments and the web.
  • Import documents from cloud services including OneDrive, Kdan Cloud, Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Share the document via a file link to be able to open the file directly in the web browser.


  • Create signatures with freehand drawings.
  • Create stamps with your camera or from your photos.
  • Enter your personal data in advance and quickly drag and drop it onto the documents.
  • Add your signatures, initials, texts and dates to documents.
  • Remove backgrounds for signature stamps.


  • Digital audit trails – Record every change made to the document for.
  • Protected signature process – Ensure the confidentiality of paperless signing, encrypted with TLS / SSL, AES-256 and RSA-2048.
  • Send a secure password by email to identify the identity of the signatory.

What is offered free of charge in DottedSign?

  • Sign unlimited documents.
  • Assign up to 3 signers to a signature task.
  • Create signature tasks and send up to 3 tasks per month.

Upgrade to DottedSign Pro for advanced features:

  • Create signature tasks and assign them to unlimited signatories.
  • Send unlimited tasks to signers.Lock your app to prevent unauthorised use with the passcode.
  • Secure SMS password to identify the signatory identity.
  • Personal signing allows your customers to sign directly on your iPad.
  • Reusable templates save time when creating tasks.
  • Request attachments from signatories.


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