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OpenOffice 4.1.3 – The Beginner’s Seminar

The non-fiction book is for anyone looking for a cost-effective alternative to traditional business and personal office programs.

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This book makes it easier for you to switch to the current version 4.1.3 of OpenOffice.

The non-fiction book is for anyone looking for a cost-effective alternative to traditional business and personal office programs.

From the installation to the creation of your own documents, you will be introduced with a continuous example in the many possibilities of OpenOffice and get the practice-relevant functions and techniques.

You will first see how to easily get the program package on your computer and how to stay up to date.
After that you will get to know the most basic working techniques of OpenOffice and see how to design a logo for the examples.
Afterwards, you will learn how to use correspondence to do the correspondence and make text visually appealing.

In der Folge lernen Sie, wie man der allgegenwärtigen Datenflut mit einem Datenbankprogramm Herr werden kann.
Danach geht es um das immer wichtiger werdende Thema Präsentieren und Sie werden das Präsentationsprogramm einsetzen.
Am Ende des Buches lernen Sie, wie Sie durch eine Tabellenkalkulation Ordnung in Ihre Zahlen bringen und den Taschenrechner in Rente schicken können.

In the following, you will learn how to master the ubiquitous flood of data with a database program. Then it’s about the increasingly important topic of presenting and you will use the presentation program. At the end of the book, you’ll learn how to use a spreadsheet to break down your numbers and retire the calculator.

In detail, you will learn to create the following documents:

  • Word processing:
    Letter templates, form letters, manuals, business cards, labels, websites …
  • Spreadsheet:
    Invoices, calculations, occupancy plans, revenue / expenditure calculations, diagrams …
  • Presentation:
    Company presentation, slides for teaching, photo and video show …
  • Drawing:
    Logos, invitations, 3D objects, stationery …
  • Database:
    Customer data, forms, tables, warehouse management …
  • Equipment: book with 236 pages.

For the download version (ESD):
PDF version: Program for displaying PDF files. For example, the free “Adobe Acrobat Reader” (
ePub Version: Program for displaying ePub files. For example, the open source program “Caliber” (

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