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Windows 10 Successfully transfer and upgrade

Jörg Schieb shows what Windows 10 can do – and how to change and get started.

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What should be considered when migrating to Windows 10? How does Microsoft’s most important product make working with the PC easier? The author and WDR IT expert Jörg Schieb provide comprehensive help in the guidebook “Windows 10 – Successfully transfer and change”.

With numerous pictures and many personal tips, it’s fun to get to know Windows 10 in detail. Visually and step by step, the readers gain valuable background knowledge on language assistant Cortana, the virtual desktops that support the management of various tasks u.v.m.

Everything about Windows 10 in 12 chapters

“Windows 10 makes using the PC really easier,” says Jörg Schieb
The twelve chapters deal with extensive questions about upgrading or reinstalling, the new desktop, and the unlimited use of the operating system on different devices.

Different apps and the new Edge browser are presented in detail by Jörg Schieb and explain how to work in the cloud. Users will learn everything about system configuration and security, entertainment and games, and how to repair the system if needed. With Jörg Schieb, you will be assisted by one of the most experienced and well-known computer experts in Germany every step of the way.

PLUS! SystemGo! System Saver X2

Each reader receives the software SystemGo! System Saver X2. This allows users to always go back to their old system, if they are not satisfied or important application programs are not working properly with Windows 10.

About the author Jörg Schieb

He has always been on the trail of the latest technology trends since 1986. Industry expert Jörg Schieb regularly reports on computer, internet and mobile on WDR television and, as a journalist, also works for newspapers, magazines and magazines.

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