bhv Publishing GmbH

Bhv Company – Deeply passionate about learning.

Founded in 1984, bhv provides learning aids for both adults and children. In 1992, bhv was recognised as the leading education software provider by GfK, Germany’s largest market research institute. In 2003, bhv opened subsidiaries in Spain, France, the UK, and the USA, to harness the potential of the global educational environment. In 2006, bhv’s international business unit was acquired by Net AG. Since then, bhv has focused on the educational market in German-speaking countries.

We are driven by the challenge to make complex subjects easy to grasp. Our research delves into the most compelling approaches to reinventing education. By combining the expertise of visionary educators and authors, and the use of leading technologies, we provide an innovative learning platform. For example, we make complex technologies like PHP and MySQL clear and easy to learn for children or for large groups. We also make media content broadly accessible to a range of readers and learners.

In TBE, bhv addresses children’s needs in its “für Kids” series, while “Taschenbuch” and “Einsteigerseminar” is for adult readers. For companies and institutions, we also create specialised content that focuses on group needs.

bhv. Learingfor life.