According to a study by the Aberdeen Group , companies that use video on their website receive 66% more qualified visitors. In addition, these companies achieve 54% higher brand awareness.
There are numerous agencies that create image films or produce product videos. Although these films and videos meet professional standards, they are usually very sterile and thus extremely boring for the target group.

One achieves a multiple of attention if the needs of the specific target group are addressed directly and honestly. A product manager from one’s own company is not necessarily trained to appear confidently in front of the camera, but he/she can convey the enthusiasm for the offered service or product more honestly and competently than a professional actor who only reads out a given text.

The production of short videos does not have to be expensive. With a few good video templates and easy-to-use video editing software, results are achieved that delight customers and interested parties alike

A few tips on how to produce interesting videos yourself:

  1. Think about your customers
    Explanatory videos on the products and the services offered can be created by the product managers in the best possible way. You know the question your customers are asking, so why not create short explanatory videos on this?
  2. Brevity is the key – videos should be short and interesting.
    No explanatory video should be more than 10 – 15 minutes long. Get to the heart of the matter, don’t ramble on too much and keep the viewer in suspense.4
  3. On which platform should the videos be published?
    If you have your own server, you will have to pay for maintenance as well as the costs of the server. In addition, the videos are only seen by visitors to your own website. To achieve more reach, it is better to publish the videos on a video platform such as YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook. It is important to give the videos good “tags”, i.e. keywords, so that they are also displayed in corresponding search queries. All video platforms offer code snippets that can be easily integrated into your own website. This saves tedious website programming. Those who do not want the embedded videos to be financed by third-party advertising pay a small fee to remain ad-free.
  4. Which software can I use to create my own videos?
    Watch out, here comes advertising!!! There are various providers of good video editing software. The market leader in Germany is Magix with its Video Studio Deluxe. Cyberlink, Corel, Nero also offer good video editing software. We at bhv, have been dealing with the subject for years and have marketed Cyberlink, Corel and formerly Ulead in German-speaking countries. Since most programmes have become very complicated in the meantime, because the manufacturers add new features year after year, we recommend movavi Video Suite. The programme offers good templates, is easy to use, takes care of uploading to the major video platforms and includes cool features like shake-free action cam or drone shots.