How can attackers compromise the IT infrastructure from the outside?


A typical attack on the IT infrastructure of companies is carried out in 3 steps. Search for vulnerabilities Attackers first look for vulnerabilities in the system. This can be unbiased emails to employees, e.g. an inconspicuous invoice email to the accounting department. Network printers with open ports, IoT devices with old firmware or even routers whose known vulnerabilities have not been closed. In addition, danger can come from websites that have already been infected with malicious code and whose operators do not have enough resources to constantly pay attention to the security of their own websites. Once the malicious code has [...]

How can attackers compromise the IT infrastructure from the outside?2022-09-29T21:06:58+02:00

How can we implement OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) in our company?


The OKR leadership model, which is particularly popular with start-ups, is quickly explained and easy to understand (or so the theory goes). The company defines a mission (objectives) and then defines milestones or key results to achieve the company's goal. Simple to explain, difficult to implement! The difficulty for most young companies and start-ups is not to lose focus in the initial phase and not to be distracted from the goal while building up the learning curve. We recommend a very good book on this topic that explains the path and implementation of OKR in a practical way using a fictitious [...]

How can we implement OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) in our company?2022-09-29T21:09:58+02:00

How do we get more qualified contacts to our website?


According to a study by the Aberdeen Group , companies that use video on their website receive 66% more qualified visitors. In addition, these companies achieve 54% higher brand awareness. There are numerous agencies that create image films or produce product videos. Although these films and videos meet professional standards, they are usually very sterile and thus extremely boring for the target group. One achieves a multiple of attention if the needs of the specific target group are addressed directly and honestly. A product manager from one's own company is not necessarily trained to appear confidently in front of the camera, [...]

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How does data recovery software work?


Someday It happens to every user! By accident you delete files from your hard disk, memory card or some malware infected parts of your system. With data recovery software you can restore all or most of the data. What happens "inside" the software and how does it work? When you delete a file or start a quick format on your memory card the operating system does not physically delete the data, it deletes the pointer or address where the data has been stored. As long as you don't overwrite those data because the storage is slowly full, the original (deleted) data [...]

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